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Available in stock Cannbis Oil ,marijuana/weeds ,CBD/THC OIL and
their SEEDS such as Hash Oil, Honey Comb Wax Oil Cannabis Oil BUTANE
OIL AFGHANI OIL *Hemp Oil Essential Fatty Acid *Kosher Organic Cold Pressed Hemp
Oil 8 OZ *honey oil *CANNABIS OIL *Black oil *Indian oil Marijuana
strains available *Blue Cheese *OG Kush *Grape Ape *Super Lemon Haze
*Sour Diesel *Sour Kush *Blue Dream *White Widow *Purple Kush *Bubba
Kush *Super Silver Haze *Apollo 13 *Whiteberry * Jack Herer *Hawaiian Snow *Jack the
Ripper Vanilla Kush *Juicy Fruit * C-99 *Chocolate Chunk *LA
Confidential * Canyon *Sinsemilla** **Orange Kush, Purple-Skunk,
Banana Kush, pineapple express, Night Queen, Big Bud, Purple Haze,
Cheese, Blue Dream, White Russia, White Widow, Strawberry Cough Ak47 feminized and many others etc

Hash, (RSO), BHO,
HEMP OILS, THC OILS, Cannabis Oil and Edibles FOR SALE . These Strains
helps people with the following: *Insomnia,Cancer,HIV/AIDS,Anxiety
Disorders,Major Depression,Back Pain,Back Sprain,Bipolar
Disorder(Nightmares),Cancer Chronic Pain,Seizures,Diabetes,Epilepsy,Fibromyalgia,Glaucoma
E.T.C if you are interested do get back to us with your order. INDICA and
SATIVA strains are available.


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