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My name is Stephen Robinson. I have over 14 years’ experience working as a guitar tutor, and over 22 years’ experience playing guitar. I have diplomas in music and music production. For 4 years running, I have been awarded the best business badge for top music schools in the Oldham borough by

I teach acoustic, electric and classical guitar as well as ukulele. I have taught many different styles of music including rock, pop, folk, blues and classical. I teach people of all ages. Basics through to advanced lessons are covered. I offer lessons in person, or online via Skype and Zoom.

I keep my prices competitive.

Private lesson rates:

Half-hour £11

45 minutes £15

1 hour £18

Joint lesson rates:

Half-hour £7 per person

45 minutes £9 per person

1 hour £11 per person

(Please note: if a joint lesson is booked but only one participant attends, this would be charged as a private lesson).

About my lessons:

My lessons are structured and can be tailored to your preferences and requirements, helping you to get the most enjoyment from learning guitar, whilst gaining confidence and progressing in skill.

My lessons can include:

– Songs (including songs of your choice)

– Rhythm guitar/ chord strumming skills (learn my methods for achieving clean ringing chords and smooth, quick chord changes)

– Finger picking and plectrum technique

– Lead guitar and soloing skills (scales and modes, phrasing, and various lead techniques)

– Technique exercises (for flexibility, accuracy and speed)

– Music theory (keys, scales and modes, chord theory etc.)

– Learning to read music notation, guitar tablature, chord symbols etc.

– Recording your own music (backing tracks can be created for drums etc.)

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