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In Which Countries Are Spy Apps Legal?
If you’re wondering in which countries spy apps are legal, you’ve come to the right place. Spy apps can be used to spy on others without them even knowing. If you’re a partner or suspect your partner of cheating, you may wonder whether your partner is using such apps to monitor you.
The use of spy apps is not entirely illegal in Mexico. However, there are concerns about the misuse of software in the country. The Mexican government acknowledges gathering intelligence on threats and legitimate suspects. Still, the use of spy software has long been suspected, particularly against political opponents and activists who challenge corporate interests. Spy apps have been used to track criminals, especially those involved in organized crime. Some of these programs even help break up crime rings, such as Pegasus, a software developed by the Mexican government. The software has been used to track the movements of drug lord El Chapo Guzman. However, in the US, such surveillance is illegal unless the person being tracked has consented.
Spy apps are legal in Italy, where the government has endorsed and regulated these programs. And the is no problem to use cell phone tracker app or message tracking app either. Nevertheless, there is controversy over the use of these programs. The Italian government froze exports of the Hacking Team last fall, though it has since regained its right to sell its products abroad. Nevertheless, the company’s negative reputation as a seller of spy apps to sketchy countries has harmed its business. A document cited by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development does not specify the source of information. Still, it does say that the ministry had received information from Hacking Team’s customers regarding possible uses of their software in internal repression and human rights violations.

The Greek government has faced pressure from privacy groups over the issue of spying on citizens. The recent reports about surveillance apps on cell phones in Greece have raised questions about the legality of using these tools. The government has denied that spying is illegal and has claimed private actors acquired the technology used. However, the Greek government has refused to give any information about the origin of the technology used to monitor citizens.

A new law in France allows spying on internet users in real time without prior legal authorization. The law passed almost unnoticed but will allow a wide range of public officials to monitor computer, tablet, and smartphone usage. France has expressed outrage over the recent revelations that the US National Security Agency intercepted phone calls from citizens living in the country.

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