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With a market share of 95% of searches performed in Spain, Google remains an unavoidable element of any online marketing strategy. Luckily, you have several strategies to take advantage of search engine traffic and get visibility and sales. I will talk about SEO, SEM, and Google Ads as tools to grow your online business.

Expert help to take advantage of Google

You need to know that the Californian giant has a network of certified companies that can help you achieve your digital goals. You will identify them because they carry the Google Premier Partner agency seal, which shows that they meet the company’s criteria for providing expert advice to write my papers for cheap and its customers.

And having professional help is a very good idea. SEO is a long-distance race, which requires persistence in the work and technical knowledge. And to manage a Google Ads strategy, it is also necessary to know how to do things right to maximize the ROI of the money invested. These are skills that cannot be improvised. They can be learned, of course, but when you have to manage a business, in many cases, it pays more to hire expert help.

Combine SEO and SEM (with Google Ads) to have a presence in the results

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a very interesting strategy because it allows you to appear in Google’s organic results for free. It is a way to get long-lasting traffic without paying for each visit. But SEO takes time, and in some markets, there is a lot of competition, so it is not a panacea.


SEM, or search engine marketing, pays for ads to appear in sponsored results through the Google Ads service (formerly known as Adwords). The advantage is that the results are immediate. The disadvantage is that you pay for each visit your website receives, which can be costly in the long run.


For many digital businesses, the best strategy is to combine Google Ads SEM with SEO. In the beginning, a significant budget is dedicated to ads, and you get visits and customers. At the same time, resources are used to create the SEO strategy. Later, as organic (free) visits are achieved, ads are reduced, reserving it for special occasions or keywords where SEO has not achieved sufficient results.


How to make an SEO strategy?

I have many articles on the blog on the subject, and I will not detail too much. I will insist on what I think is most important for a good SEO.


Finding relevant and accessible keywords

Google searches are done through a combination of words, known as keywords. Identifying the ones that can bring qualified traffic to your website is very important. You want to find keywords that will mainly be typed by people who might be interested in buying your products or hiring your services.


For example, if you are a lawyer specializing in family law, you are not interested in positioning yourself for the keyword “family law.” Because people searching for this term are probably more interested in learning about that branch of law. Your potential clients will search for terms like “divorce lawyer” or similar.


In addition, you have to find keywords for which you have a chance to stand out, which means studying the authority of pages that are already ranking. If you have little chance of making a name for yourself, it may be better to look for other less competitive keywords.


You can use the same tool that Google Ads offers you to find the keywords. To measure the authority of the competition, you have several tools, such as the Moz bar.


Create quality content

If you are interested in SEO, you have probably read the phrase “content is king,” and it is still a great truth. Think about it, and we are constantly in demand for new content in all formats and of varying levels of quality. Google aims to provide its users with the best experience and do that, and it wants to select the best content. It wants to offer relevant information of the highest quality.


For this reason, when you are working on the content you want to publish on your website to position yourself, you will need to make an effort. And I am referring to both the content and the form. You have to provide value to your readers at the same time that you please present the content. It also matters that the page loads fast and that there are images to illustrate the topic.


Of course, you need to include your keyword, or rather a combination of keywords, in your content so that Google identifies the topic and can take it into account to position you in its results.


Getting quality links

How does Google know if the content is relevant? One of the easiest ways for the search engine is to check if other authority pages of the same subject matter link to the content. Therefore, it is important to get other pages to look at your website and link to your content.


And how is this achieved? The best way is by creating high-quality content. If your site provides value, it is quite likely that others will cite it and link to it when they talk about a particular topic—other ways, with guest articles and other strategies to get external links, known as backlinks.


SEM with Google Ads as a complement to SEO

Search engine marketing, or SEM, simply buys ads to appear in Google’s sponsored results.


You pay every time a user clicks on the ad in this system. The logical consequence is that you have to choose the keywords to create a campaign very well. You don’t want to pay a lot of money for visits from users who are not going to be interested in what you are selling.


Another important factor is to determine the price you are willing to pay. Google ads work on an auction system. Whoever pays the most for a specific keyword gets his ad published. You have to study the prices very well.


The design of the ad also matters. The space is small. You have a title and a short description. Your goal is to attract attention to get users to click on the sponsored result.

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