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Door Lock Touch Screen



Door Lock Touch Screen

1. The OS8818 password sensor door lock adopts capacitive touch buttons and proximity cards. It has stable performance, powerful function and flexible and convenient use.
2. Passwords and proximity cards are all deleted and configured by users themselves to minimize security breaches.
3. The door lock applies to modern offices, office buildings, high-quality residential apartments, villas and so on.
4. In the password swiping area, the swipe area and the password are entered in the same area. The PVD HD panel is turned on and the card is the default ID key card.
5. The mechanical keyhole uses a concealed magnetic keyhole cover. If you forget your password, you can use a spare key to unlock it.
6. Humanized handle, free handle design, to prevent damage to the internal components of the handle and prevent damage.
7. Password anti-peeping function, the password can be added before and after the irrelevant number, but the password input to be linked together, continuous password error 5 times, lock the keyboard for five minutes.
8. User capacity: 200 cards, 50 groups password.



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