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 How to get prescribed adderall​?

You can get prescribed AdderallYou must meet with a doctor in person to get an Adderall prescription. While you can’t get Adderall online, you may be able to get other ADHD medications with a video or phone appointment

Who qualifies for Adderall prescription?

ADHD can be treated by any doctor who has continued their education on ADHD and mental health. However, only certain medical professionals can prescribe medication. These include physicians (including psychiatrists, pediatricians, family doctors, and neurologists) and nurse practitioners.


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Can a primary care physician prescribe Adderall?

Primary care physicians can prescribe Adderall, or any of the other medications used for ADHD. However, many primary care doctors prefer to let a psychiatrist evaluate the patient and manage his/her psychotropic medications.

​How do you get prescribed for ADHD online?

Online Diagnosis and Treatment for ADHD. Take a same-day virtual assessment, available for both adults and children. Talk with U.S. licensed online psychologists and doctors. Get your assessment online and, in select states, a prescription if medically appropriate.

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