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Admin June 22, 2019

Buy Beds Sell Beds- Free classified Ads @ HooTakes



Beds are not built to last forever that’s why it is necessary that we buy a new bed.

when the old one has lost its comfort and support.

Studies have shown that a new bed can improve your sleep quality, sleep efficiency, sleep comfort and as well as reduce back stiffness and pain.
The luxury of a good night sleep can also be guaranteed when you buy a secondhand bed.

Secondhand beds also help in reducing back pain irrespective of the fact that they may have been used by someone else.

This type of bed is ideally for those who desire the comfort of sleeping on a bed but want to save some money.
There are several benefits associated with buying and selling secondhand beds, as well as buying and selling new beds from us at Hootakes.

● Benefits of buying secondhand beds

The cost and quality of secondhand beds differ, it is possible to buy a secondhand bed that may even be more expensive than buying new beds.

Most high-end shoppers often get rid of their high-quality beds after some time and may end up  buying expensive secondhand beds,

which they feel may be cheaper than paying that same bed when it is brand new. With that said, below are some of the benefits associated with buying secondhand beds:

1. They are cheap

The good thing about buying secondhand beds is that they must be cheaper than new beds.

Most secondhand bed dealers get the beds at minimum cost, then vend them off at low prices.

Whenever you choose to buy a secondhand bed, you would end up saving money for other things.

They might be convenient for dads and moms with small kids since kids tend to enjoy beauty sleeps irrespective of the type of bed than grown-ups do.

2. Conservation facet

About environmental conservation, it is sensible to buy secondhand beds from bed owners who would have preferred dumping their used beds in garbage sites.
Used things are always an eyesore when scattered around, and they also help in degrading natural resources.

Thus, by buying secondhand beds, you are indirectly helping in keeping the environment safe.

3. Variety

Buying secondhand beds from Hootakes gives you the opportunity of selecting from different bed and mattress trends at a low-cost.

You could find contemporary bed trends from various choices using an affordable budget.

● Benefits of selling secondhand beds

Below are some of the benefits of selling secondhand beds:

1. The secondhand industry is flourishing

You may be thinking: “no one will buy my used bed.” But, according to Global Business, “Beds was one of the leading growth segments in the secondhand
industry”. In 2016. Secondhand beds sales reported revenue of $1.7 billion. More and more individuals are turning to the local secondhand and resale market to
find used beds. Thus, if you are planning on selling your bed, then the odds of finding a buyer nearby are quite high, which will, in turn, relieve you of the stress
of looking for a buyer.

2. Declutter

We cannot say it enough; it is time you declutter. The main reason why many people rent storage facilities is that they do not have sufficient room at home.
This implies that their homes are so jam-packed that they are ready to pay over $120 a month in most cases for storage spaces. Why not take out that big used
bed and sell it to those who need it. The stress relief you feel by eliminating clutter is a reward of itself, but why not also include the benefit of changing that
clutter into cool cash?

3. Someone else wants the bed

It is easy to forget about the bed you got as a gift from a friend on your special day which you hurriedly stuffed in your storage unit. Maybe you do not have
plans of using it again, but you hate to throw it away. Fear not, there are several people out there looking to make use of your unwanted bed. Perhaps, it is a first
time home purchaser who is desperate to purchase a quality bed for adding comfort to their home. Or maybe it is a college student in search of a comfortable
bed where they can rest after a hectic school day. By selling your secondhand bed on Hootakes, you are helping yourself generate extra cash while also helping
those in need of an affordable bed for their diverse needs.

● Benefits of buying new beds

There is no denying that sleep is paramount. The quality of a person’s sleep can have a significant impact on their day.

When was the last time you purchase a new bed? The question is more vital than you may think.

After all, not all beds are the same, and an old bed can have certain negative impacts on your health.

Keep reading to find out some of the benefits associated with buying new beds.

1. Helps in boosting your immune system

Investing in a good bed can have a significant impact on our immune systems.
How is that even possible? Studies have revealed that a lack of quality sleep could make an individual weak and tired, which will, in turn, make your immune system
weak and tired, thus leaving you more vulnerable to illness.

When you buy a new bed, you tend to get more beauty sleep, which will help in replenishing your body and mind, thus contributing to a healthy and strong
immune system.

2. Improves Memory

Sleep is essential for your brain health. This consists of different cognitive processes. One of such cognitive functions is ‘memory’ which is highly impacted
by our quality of sleep.

3. Decreases Back Pain

In case you have ever slept on a bad bed, you do not need anyone to explain the benefits of sleeping on a good bed.

A worn out bed can cause severe damages to your back. This does not only cause terrible sleeping experience, but it also causes back pain.

Thus, to decrease back pain caused by old beds, it is advisable you buy a new bed.
You can buy top quality beds from Hootakes at affordable prices if your budget
for a new bed is on the low side.

● Benefits of selling new beds

Below are some of the benefits associated with selling new beds:
● Extra cash for other uses
● You can sell at cost price
● No stress in looking for buyers unlike selling secondhand beds