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Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Tissue, 45 Rolls

Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Tissue



Product Description

Andrex wants everyone to feel as clean as possible. Andrex Gentle Clean is designed with this in mind. It is fragrance-free, dermatologically tested and embossed with puppies to give you and your family a gentle clean.We recommend using Andrex Gentle Clean alongside Andrex Washlets to help you feel cleaner and fresher than using dry toilet tissue alone.The Andrex Clean Routine1. Use 3-4 sheets per wipe2. Wipe from front to back until clean3. Use 1-2 Washlets to feel cleaner4. Pat dry with toilet tissue5. Always wash hands with soap


Box Contains

Each order comes with 5 x Andrex Puppies On A Roll Toilet Tissue 9 Rolls

From the manufacturer

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